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  • We are manufacturers of Air Showers in India since 1995. Our air showers/Clean Room Air Showers have a wide usage in all the clean rooms and various microbiology, biochemistry, bio technology and genetic engineering laboratories.
    Our Clean Room Air Showers help solve the problem of decontamination from personnel entering into the clean rooms.
    We specialize in Standard Air showers and Customized Clean Room Air Showers, specially designed to meet the challenging demands of various basic and applied science laboratories. Over a short period of time we have been established as a reliable Air Shower Exporters in India, catering to the vast markets in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
    Apart from that we are also supplying our Clean Room Air Shower to a variety of customers in India ranging from Defense installations, research laboratories, educational institutes and various R & D laboratories of leading national and multi national companies.
    Weiber offers energy efficient Material Handling Air Shower, Air Shower Personnel, Air Shower Tunnel To protect the clean room environment from unwanted contamination.


Clean Room.

Pharma Production.

Micro-Electronic Fabrications and Production Units.

Semi-Conductor Production Lines

Filter Assembly:

All our air shower are fitted with fully washable synthetic pre-filter units and secondary high efficiency perfect air filters made of mini pleated non woven fabric. The efficiency of our filters has a rating better than 99.99% at DOP (cold) and 99.97% at DOP (Hot). Our units have the capacity to hold all suspended particles of size greater Than 0.3 micron.

Motor And Blower Assembly:

All our air shower are provided with perfectly balanced (Static as well as dynamic) motor and blower motors bearing ISI mark. The rating of the assembly is 1/5 HP. Our high efficiency pumps which have life long lubricated bearings ensure a trouble free operation for a long time.

Motor And Blower Assembly:

Our air shower are designed to ensure that the work enclosure have minimum possible vibration levels and noise Level is also contained below 60 db.

Ergonomic Design

Versatile Usage

Low Noise And Vibration Levels

Conforms to US Federal Standards

Programmable operation