48 Position MULTIVAP Nitrogen Evaporator

  • The 48 Position MUTLIVAP (Catalog# 11848) is a high temperature water bath unit, designed for optimal sample concentration. This is our most versatile MULTIVAP evaporator, accommodating tubes from 10 to 22 mm OD. This unit comes standard with a needle guide to effortlessly center the distribution manifold over small tubes.

    This MULTIVAP includes one set of custom heat block inserts, expertly machined to fit the user’s tubes. Not only do these custom inserts ensure proper fit and optimal heat transfer, they also eliminate the need to transfer samples to special evaporation vials. Additional heat block inserts are available for use with other tube sizes, sold in singles (Catalog# NA1801) or as a set of 48 (Catalog# NA1803)

    This MULTIVAP combines gentle heating of an with nitrogen with vortex shearing technology. Reaching temperatures up to 120°C, this instrument is ideal for labs working with solvents with high boiling points. The nitrogen distribution manifold Adjustable manifolds with removable nozzles per samples. This allows each row to be shut off when not in use, conserving nitrogen.


    Adjustable flow meter to conserve nitrogen gas upto 120 deg C and 9 bar pressure

    Digital temperature control maintains user-specified temperature to protect delicate samples

    Toggle switches allow gas to be shut off at each row to conserve nitrogen

    Expertly machined aluminum heat inserts provide optimal heat transfer to sample tubes (10-22 mm OD)

    Needle guide to easily align needles with small test tubes.

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