Steam Sterilizer Horizontal Rectengular


  • Our horizontal Steam Sterilizer are widely used in various bulk laboratories/Hospital for their day to day studies on scale sterilization procedures where they give dryness of the sterilized medium a paramount importance and for that our sterilized media is prone to various microbacterial and viral infections. Having a specialization in customers' requirements we have an expert team of making both standard and customized models

Sailent features

  • * Cylindrical design triple walled horizontal autoclave mounted on a sturdy, heavy M.S. duly painted tubular stand
    * Inner chamber, door lid, jacket, boiler & outer jacket cover made of SS 304
    * Steam is generated in a separate boiler which is placed below the main body.
    * Lid is provided with Pressure locking system which prevents opening of the door while Steam is inside the chamber.
    * Single hinged door and manual radial locking system made of mild steel nickel coated
    * Industrial grade energy efficient heaters reduce power bills drastically
    * Gap between Jacket and outer cover wall is filled with high grade fiber/mineral glass wool insulation
    * Fitted with pressure gauge for jacket, compound gauge for chamber, spring loaded safety valveand steam release valve.
    * Automatic Vacuum Breaker is provided to break the vacuum in case of formation of vacuum due to steam condensation.
    * Automatic Pressure Control Switch for additional safety. When steam pressure inside jacket reaches 18 to 20 psi it automatically cuts off electric supply to heater.
    * Automatic Low Water Level cut-off device fitted for general safety of the element.
    * Digital PID temperature indicator cum controller - Controller has LED display which displays set value and process value. It has inbuilt automatic digital minute timer which starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over heaters get switched off automatically with alarm for cycle end.
    * Manually operated multiport valve having 4 positions is provided for Steam injection inside the chamber, dry sterilization & steam exhaust.
    * For ensuring proper sealing of the door with the chamber and zero leakage a high tensile joint less Silicon gasket is used which is seated in an integrated groove
    * SS Baffle plate for effective steam distribution and avoid direct hitting of steam on sample load
    * Validation port provided
    * Chamber Condensate Line is incorporated with steam trap for perfect condensation to get optimum temperature
    * Fitted with plug screen to prevent line choking due to sediment discharge
    * SS bottom plate in chamber to avoid the load from coming in contact with condensate
    * Autoclave is fitted with water level indicator glass gauge and easily replaceable heaters
    * Chamber and jacket is made of 14 SWG
    * Hydraulically tested at 40psi 2.5 times the operating pressure of autoclave.
    * Small sized autoclave works on 230V single phase power supply and big size works efficiently on 440V three phase power supply

    Technical Specifications & Ordering Informations

    Inner dimension (inch
    Capacity (Ltrs.)
    Heater Load
    Sterilization Temp. & Pressure
    Operating Pressure
    APS – SSHC – 75
    16”x 24”
    6 kW
    1.2 Kg/cm2
    at 121°C
    From 10 psi to 20 psi
    APS – SSHC – 125
    18” x 24”
    6 kW
    APS – SSHC – 125
    16” x 36”
    9 kW
    APS – SSHC – 150
    18” x 36”
    12 kW
    APS – SSHC – 200
    18” x 48”
    12 kW
    APS – SSHC – 250
    20” x 48”
    12 kW
    APS – SSHC – 350
    24” x 48”
    18 kW