We have successfully catered the needs of over many of well renowned institutions in India, we serve more than 200 customers in government, corporate and private sectors. The dedicated and cumulative efforts of APS members has produced and delivered the comprehensive range of scientific instruments, Hospital instruments and laboratory products.


Autoclaves are most ideal for all applications requiring, routine total destruction
Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
We are one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Chemical Storage Cabinet
The Chemical Storage Cabinet is ideal for storing toxic solvents and chemicals inside the laboratories.
Fume Hood
Very useful for products and personal protection, reducing odour levels in laboratories.
BOD Incubator
B.O.D. Incubator is the most versatile low temperature indicator for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determination .
Environmental Chamber
We are able to offer a superior quality Environmental Chamber.
Plant Growth Chamber
Many area of plant research require the use of a controller environment.
Seed Germinator
We are able to offer a superior quality of Seed Germinator.
Orbital Shaker
Useful for life science applications and biological cultures under various controlled temperature conditions.
Humidity Cabinet
We are a renowned suppliers of a quality range of Humidity Cabinet
Deep Freezer / Referigerator
We are a renowned suppliers of a quality range of Deep Freezer / Referigerator
Blood Bank Referigerators
We are a renowned suppliers of a quality range of Blood Bank Referigerators.
Mortuary Cabinet
Mortuary Storage Cabinets are designed for storing of cadaverous under cool temperature to prevent decomposition.
-86oC Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Ultra-Low temperature Freezer offers a economical solution to wide variety of research and storage.
We are a renowned suppliers of a quality range of Digital Water Bath.
Ice Flaking Machine
Complete body and storage bin made of Stainless Steel.
Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer) APS-137
Freeze Drying is the process of removing the moisture
Available in various capacities, designed to fit a variety of space
Muffle Furnace
We are a renowned suppliers of a quality range of Muffle Furnace.
Hot Plates Warming Tables
We are a renowned suppliers of a quality range of Hot Plates Warming Tables.
Circulating Water Bath
Designed for controlling above ambient temperatures in external instrumentation.
COD Digestor
Designed for digestion of COD test samples and multi-function dry bath heating.
Magnetic Stirrer
It has complete body & top platform made of Stainless Steel.
Bomb Calorimeter
Working on isothermal principal our bomb calorimeters provide easy and inexpensive method for petrol etc.
Walk In Chamber
Walk-in Cold Room have a temperature range from 2oC to 8oC and are frequently used to store samples at cool temperatures. Heat sensitive biological samples, cosmetics, food samples which are temperature sensitive need such type of cold rooms.