• Designed for digestion of COD test samples and multi-function dry bath heating.
  • Precise temperature control from ambient +5oC to 150oC with +1oC accuracy
  • User's self compensation functions for tempoerature to counter for difference between block temperature and sample temperature.


  • Fitted with MICROPROCESSOR BASED DIGITIAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-cum-CONTROLLER for auto control with respect to time and temperature and is also fitted with IN-BUILT BUZER TIMER for AUTO TIME CONTROL to indicate cycle end.
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum-Controller having individual display for set value and process value.
  • Block is made of specially extruded aluminium block to accommodate 15 samples
  • Complete with glass tube.
  • Air condensers and utility tube rack.
  • Recessed well/ cavity accommodates aluminium insert block.
  • Samples after being digested for 2 hours can be analyzed using calorimeter or conventional titration method.
  • COD Digester Is The Most Accepted Thermoreactor For Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Various Substances. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is a measure of the capacity of water to Consume Oxygen during the decomposition of Organic Matter and the Oxidation of inorganic chemicals such as Ammonia and Nitrite. COD Measurements are commonly made on samples of waste water or of Natural waters contaminated by domestic or industrial wastes. Chemical Oxygen Demand is measured as a standardized laboratory assay in which a closed water sample is incubated with a Strong Chemical Oxidant under specific conditions of temperature and for a particular period of time.
    • High performance and user friendly controls combine to produce a specification which offers exceptional efficiency and reliability. The benefit to you-convenient, no fuss heating!
    • Excellent temperature control.
    • Uniform and stable heating.
    • New compact size.


    MODEL #APS-439
    Controller Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum-Controller with an in built digital timer and alarm.
    Display LED with set value (SV) and Process Value (PV)
    Block Dimensions (LXWXH) 270X150X70mm
    Heater Load 1.0 KW
    Tube Cavity 40mm(Ø)x 65mm(D)
    No. of Cavities 15 Holes to accommodate 15 samples
    Glass Tube Size Supplied with 15 nos. of glass tubes of size 38mm (Ø) ×200mm (Length)
    Glass Air Condenser Size Supplied with 15 nos. of air condensers of 600 m length each
    Sample Size 20 ml
    Temperature Range Ambient +5OC to 150 OC
    Temperature Accuracy +1OC
    Sensor RTD (PT-100)
    Material External Powder Coated CRC Steel
    Block Polished Aluminium
    Tube Rack 1 No.
    Timer (SAD) (Auto Time Control unit) Fitted with AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER which starts automatically when set/desired value of temperature is achieved. When the set time period is over the heaters get switched off automatically
    Buzzer Alarm for cycle end
    Power Supply 220V AC,